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Launching in February 2020, LOVE, MATILDA brought together artists from around the world, contributing in a one night only exhibition to raise funds for the ongoing bushfire crisis throughout Australia.


Now, due to COVID-19 and its subsequent forced closures of businesses and cancellations of events within the art community,  these very creatives who generously donated their art for the cause and more practitioners across the country are facing the loss of their source of income.   


LOVE, MATILDA is dedicated to showcasing the work of both Australian and international artists and practitioners living and working in the country. We now operate as a platform exhibiting artists, showcasing their talents to the wider community and serving as a platform where artists can sell their works to generate income during this pandemic.

Updated weekly, each individual artist page features not only the artworks available for purchase, but information on the artists themselves as well as links to their website and social media platforms. To purchase artworks, please fill out the form on the artists page.

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