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LOVE, MATILDA: An Art Fundraiser for the Australian Bushfires

LOVE, MATILDA, a collection of works curated by Vasili Papathanasopoulos and Marcella Ho, brought together artists from around the world, contributing in a one night only exhibition to raise funds for the ongoing bushfire crisis throughout Australia.

Taking place on the eve of Valentines Day, the exhibition was a way to the gift of charity, all the while buying an artwork that lasts all eternity. A
n exclusive pop-up portrait studio took place on the night where anyone could have heir portrait taken for a gold coin donation.


All proceeds raised were donated to the Australian Bushfires relief: WIRES, Firesticks, NSW RFS and the Country Fire Authority.

The exhibition featured the works of:  Ella Ballhausen, Jack Barrueto, Rosie Deacon, Micaela Ellis, Emily Galicek, Isobella Grist, Jack Harman, Orson Heidrich, Jennifer Hesketh, Marcella Ho, Samuel Hodge, Tayla Jay, Johnny Jordan, Wade Kelly, Amy Kersey, Jordan Kirk, Byron Martin, Manon Mikolaitis, Daniel Mitchell, Laurence Morassut, Glenn Ne’Roi, Vasili Papathanasopoulos, Jazmin Pezzano, Louella Pleffer, Oli Poignand, Ben Robinson, Kristina Savic, Adam Spencer, Cameron Stead, Matt Viesis, Sophie Willison and Cat Wratten

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